Turkey 5-17-2020

Quarantine Life according to this citizen of Turkey:

“In Turkey, first when there was only one case (literally nobody believed that though), all schools were delayed. Elementary, middle, high, university. Universities decided their own ways, some of them accepted assignments as midterm, some of them had online tests. Younger students watched lessons on tvs and internet.

Then, of course, as everybody expected, cases spiked up. First they prohibited 65+ years olds on the streets; foundations (my father is volunteered at one of them) took care of them like buying their drugs, foods. And after that, 20- years old got prohibited because they didn’t care about virus too.

At the peak spot, government declared a quarantine on weekends, it still goes on though. We can’t go to streets, everywhere is closed. Now we are preparing to open everywhere but, in my opinion, that’s because economy was already bad and it’s getting worse and worse.”

Image on the left is Istiklal Street in Istanbul at midnight, after the quarantine was lifted. Image on the right is the same spot during quarantine.