Seattle US 4-30-2020

Quarantine life according to this Seattle resident:

“I’m an aircraft detailer and my company takes “direct action” against the spread of Covid-19 so I have been going to work this whole time. I’ve probably missed like, two days due to Covid-19 interfering with our work. So I’m lucky. My wife’s job got shut down, and for a while we were able to bring her on at my work, until that kind of petered off. Still, I count myself lucky, I’m healthy (or at least, asymptomatic). My wife has applied and been approved for unemployment, so that’s nice lol.

Probably the biggest effect for me personally is that this shut down our fire troupe practice. I dont really go to bars anyway, but all those are closed and a lot of restaurants are going under because they can’t figure out a good takeout system.

People are still panic-buying paper goods, though not to the same extreme as before. Things have kind of settled down, but there’s like, tension everywhere. You can feel it, people’s faces are tense. Me, personally, I am an ambivert, so I can take or leave social discourse.

Still though, I’m tired. Tired of people ignoring good science in favor of the ravings of a lunatic.

Tired of the polarization, tired of the politicization.

The only silver lining I can find to not having a music festival season is that I’m not spending money to go to festivals. Other than that, it’s mostly whatever for me.”