Romania 4-30-2020

Quarantine life according to this citizen of Romania:

“I live in Pitești, 100 km from Bucharest. I’ve been working so I don’t really feel the quarantine. But I’ve noticed-There’s less traffic. Schools are closed. Police have been abusing their power. People over 65 are allowed to go shopping only between 11:00 and 13:00.

We aren’t allowed outside after 22:00, and when we go outside we have to write paperwork justifying our departure and route. I’ve been doing a lot of paperwork for my employees for all the quarries I work at. It’s been a hassle.

My girlfriend and I haven’t seen our close friends in some time now, about 1.5 months. My girlfriend has been staying mostly at home. It’s starting to affect us. My parents on the other hand are grossly ignoring the quarantine; having people over, going shopping often. And my father is over 65 with heart surgery.

The government has abused its powers cutting a lot of freedoms. Right now the government under emergency ordnance can trespass without a warrant; can take resources without paying so basically anything they want. They have seceded from the European Human Rights Council, so we’re no longer protected by that. There are two cities that have been completely closed off, and they have given 500,000 tickets.

And they are grossly incompetent. Our medical staff doesn’t have freaking masks. There are a ton of shortages for medical equipment. And the morons for example took hold of a state of the art new private hospital, sent everyone home, including the patients there, some that needed support systems, and the hospital has been empty for two months now. My opinion on our politicians is that they won’t be competent until we replace them.”