Maryland US 5-3-2020

Quarantine life according to this resident of Maryland:

“I live in Maryland, just across the river from our capital city, Annapolis, which lies along Chesapeake Bay, about 20 miles from Washington D.C. Being so close to D.C. means our local politics frequently get tied up with national issues, especially since our Governor, Lary Hogan, is one of the few Republicans openly standing against Trump. As for me, I am a democrat who has been incredibly proud of how our Governor has handled the situation and I would vote for him as president in a heartbeat, despite the R after his name. During these times, I truly believe that Maryland has the last true Republican that has not sold his soul to the party of Trump.

As far as my life, I have been lucky. Both my wife and I have jobs that allow us to telework. In fact, this has wound up saving me about 2 hours per day of driving and over $100 per month on gas, so I welcome that change. While not being able to visit family, friends, or go out to a restaurant has been tiring, the changes have mostly been good. I now have much more time for hobbies, exercise, and spending time with my wife. I also consider us very lucky that we live in an area blessed with abundant natural beauty that provides no shortage of outdoor activities in which one can take a moment to forget the larger issue facing us all.

While Maryland is, overall, a quite liberal state, we do have a fascinating mix of rural and urban areas. I live as close to farms as I do the city. During the past few weeks, the urban-rural divide has become more apparent than ever. We have people who legitimately are concerned about the economy and are pushing for the state to reopen, while we have many others who are anti-government white supremacists who are trying to hijack the fear for their own cause. While I believe our local governments are doing the best they can, I fear the push from these groups will ultimately undermine our efforts to slowly, and safely, get back to normal once we have a clear path forward.”