Israel 5-2-2020

Quarantine life according to this citizen of Israel:

“Israel was in lockdown since the middle of March. Only food and drug stores were allowed to open. Essential services continued to work in limited schedule. Outdoor walking was allowed up to 100 meters from home. All public event were cancelled. Season holidays and independence day celebration were allowed at home with people who live together only. Visiting family or friends were forbidden.

Now in May we are starting gradually returning to the normal life: major part of the business are allowed to re-open, small children are starting to go back to school these days. Universities are still using only remote study with zoom. Everything is under the rules of the ministry of health, as much as it is possible to control. Today, the daily new cases grow is about 150 cases. We have to wear masks outside.

Personally I usually live in social distancing, that’s why the lockdown and quarantine wasn’t something new for me and my wife. I would say it’s almost like our regular life. We are afraid of the second wave because there is still no vaccine and people now are starting to have more and more interactions. However the economics is requiring us to re-open somehow to keep the balance. The epidemic remind us that our family and our belovers are the best we have here. Keep safe and keep social distancing because the war is not ended and you have to change your normal ways and to accept the new reality.”

Photo credit: Eitan Asraf