Hello, Gamer Friends of Gial! I’m glad we’ve all played together and plan to continue working with one another to build the best possible Minecraft world we can. A few guidelines here will allow us all to stay on the same page, while keeping us off the radar of those who would like to disrupt our gaming experience.

For starters, we try not to talk about politics within the group, but we also recognize that it’s inevitable given current events (note: Gial is Glares In Armed Leftist). As such, we like to remember our Among Us colors:

Red for repubs, blue for dems, orange for trash, white for WS and PB, etc. All of the above are Sus AF.

One thing we want to help our gaming comrades with is familiarization with Medbay. Many players don’t spend much time in Medbay and it’s something I’d like to address, because in the current gaming climate, it can be a priceless tool to understand. For tasks in Medbay, I’d like to remind players of essential travel packs for Minecraft; things you know you have to carry if you don’t want your party disrupted by Creepers. This kit is something that if someone were to have one IRL, could be compared to an IFAK.

We also may talk about Skins; items and/or clothing one can wear in-game to give them a fighting chance against opponents. Plates, molly setup, etc, for COD and similar games will allow you to respond as needed to threats in your gaming communities. For those of you who like first-person-shooters, we encourage talk of in-game weapons, ammunition, etc., as long as you remember to keep conversations within an in-game context.

I also want to mention mutual aid; the primary purpose of this group is to encourage players to connect with others on their local servers (whichever servers are closest to them, i.e. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc) and coordinate with each other in whatever way they are able. I expect that this will mean small groups spawning from this one for more localized play, and that’s great. Use other apps like Discord or Signal to communicate as needed.

For old-school games like Sonic and Mario, I remember how much running and jumping they do, and am reminded that I need to get off the couch once in a while. If physical activity is a possibility for you, we want to encourage our comrades to participate, as we want to be as healthy as possible so that we may enjoy our favorite games together for as long as possible.

Memes are strongly encouraged here, as that is always good praxis. Whether it’s a game-related meme encouraging others to get involved in their local servers, or just a game-related alert so comrades know when a gaming company is having some kind of gear sale, we encourage memes as one of the preferred formats of communication.

As mentioned before, communication is key, and communicating effectively without your gaming opponents catching wind of what you’re up to can be vital to completing your in-game tasks. VPNs and secure messenger apps like Signal are recommended to all here, as much as you are able to use them. If you must leave your house to meet your gaming friends for soup, leaving your phone at home might not be a bad idea.

Remember, we’re all here because we share a similar vision; we want to ensure the best possible gaming experience for ALL people. Working together, we can clean up our servers and make our local servers the best possible places for gaming.