Germany 6-7-2020

Quarantine Life according to this resident of Germany:

“Personally, I did not have much of an outgoing life anyway, so the joke “I now realize my lifestyle is called quarantine” sort of applies to me. Maybe this is a sad thing. I could, being in IT, work from home relatively well, so that was not a problem either; my livelihood was not threatened.

I am in Bavaria, a relatively heavily affected region of Germany, or, at least, it was affected in March and April. Not that I saw much of it; no ambulances screaming about, no deaths or otherwise affected people among my acquaintances, only this “external panic” where we are supposed to not go anywhere except grocery (as if the virus made an exemption to stores?). Restaurants were closed except takeaway, which was the thing that affected me somewhat as I was forced to cook occasionally.

Life is almost back to normal now, only the mask requirement remains in public transit and stores. Also, in restaurants they give you a sheet of paper to write down contact details, should a breakout occur. Offline tracking – Germans would likely rebel against the idea of an online tracking, but they accept this as a symbol of order.

There are some fringe reports on resistance, allegedly there is even a party called Widerstand 2020 (Resistance 2020), but these are right wing nuts, antivaxxers and the like.

Picture is a mask that appeared in the mail but was not ordered. In early May, two other masks were also sent from the city council, surgical-type masks. So while there is a requirement to wear masks, the state/city provides the means to actually do so.”