DJ Moose

This page is for my DJ Mixes that are currently on MixCloud. As I add more they will be available here, in order from newest to oldest. I also post the track lists when I DJ live at the club; you can find those here.

US live sets are on hold until further notice; catch me in the Middle East if you know where to find me, or contact me at

^A mix of songs I play live. In this mix, I did my transitions earlier in the songs than I normally do.

^A 41 minute mix of songs that “fill the cracks,” as a good friend of mine would say.

^A half-hour mix of shuffle songs that I decided would make a good workout mix.

^Rap/Dance mix using mostly current songs. Mix was inspired by $kinny – Oompa and is comprised primarily of suggestions from friends.

^Another mix made just for fun in the middle of the night. This mix features some transitions that I’ve discovered are very smooth between certain songs, as well as a few pre-recorded transitions made for DJs. These songs are indicated in the tracklist by Song1 -> <-Song2.

^Mix of songs I used to play fairly regularly at the bar. Many of these still get a good reaction from the crowd. A bit more trap here than most mixes.

^Mix of electronic songs for which the common theme, besides the genre, is the videos. Unfortunately I cannot upload a video mix here, but I highly recommend finding each of these on YouTube; no less than two (that I know of) even have uncensored videos there. BTW, this style of electronic is my absolute favorite genre to mix.

^A mix of songs that I like that are good to dance to (I play all of these at the club).

^A Half-hour mix of pop and dance songs about heartbreak and breakups.

^A Mix of country songs that are good for dancing to. I’m not as familiar with country as I am with other genres, but as far as dance mixes go, this one seems to go over well with my country fan friends.

^A Dance mix of songs I’ve chosen for the fun of it. Some are pop songs that everyone knows, and a few are from other countries, including Brazil, Germany, Romania, India and Russia. This is not surprising to those who know me. Enjoy!

^A tribute dance mix for my LGBTQIA+ friends and family. I started with about 60 songs, most of which were recommended to me, but wanted to keep the mix around an hour long, so I chose the ones that were best for dancing to in my opinion. The name “Teaze Mix” is a tribute to a gay bar I used to DJ at called T’z. Enjoy! 🙂

^A mix of trap/twerk songs I’ve played at the club.

^Dance mix featuring songs about women, most of which are by women. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a Girl Power mix here where all songs were exclusively by women and not about men, but a few songs I wanted to use were love songs, so I decided to mix it up a bit. If I do a mix like that, it will be a Girl Power mix, while a mix that includes love songs by men will be included in a Ladies Night mix. This mix was cut short by the police showing up in the middle lol. Wasn’t my fault this time.

^Dubstep live mix very similar to a mix I made around 2013.

^Mix of Reggae/Dubstep songs that I used in a “Bohemian Bash” electronic dance night at a dance club in 2014.

^Mix I made around 2010 of Polish EuroDance songs. I will update the tracklist when I can identify all the songs but I lost the list lol.

^Live dance mix of pop, rap, and trap songs.

^Mix of songs from all over the world, in languages including English, German, Russian, Polish, Korean, Swedish, Turkish, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, and probably a couple I can’t think of at the moment.

^A Selection of songs I used to party to around 2009-2011, with the exception of the special intro song I used. Electro, rap, pop, etc, live mixed.

^First recording of me live mixing. Several trap remixes, overall the type of stuff I like to play live at the bar later into the night.

^Mix of 90’s and early 2000’s pop and dance songs. There were a few songs that I wanted to add but I didn’t feel they mixed well enough. Also, the transition from Who Let The Dogs Out to Say My Name feels a little abrupt; it had to be due to speed change, but I’m not unhappy with it.

^Mix of some of my favorite techno and trance songs. Benassi, Tiesto, Scooter, and more.