CDV-718, AN/VDR-2 Tutorial

Here are three short videos I made on the main functions of the CDV-718 survey meter. This is the same as the military Radiac Set AN/VDR-2, except that it’s Civil Defense (FEMA) Yellow instead of Olive Drab green, and it reads in Roentgen (R) and mR, instead of Grey (Gy) and mGy.

The first video is just a quick introduction to the survey meter, what the buttons and switches do, and how to perform a functions check. The functions check spits out a number at the end, I don’t know what all numbers it gives and what they mean, just that a 0 means fault and to turn it off, a 6 or 7 can be ignored, and a 9 means everything’s good. Side note, I’d like to upload the manual here but I believe I might need special permission from the military first, so I’ll be looking into that before uploading anything.

The second video is just how to reset the accumulated dose. As long as the device is on, it is measuring the dose and that dose accumulates over time. This is how to reset that accumulation back to zero (other than taking the batteries out).

In the third video, I demonstrate how to set the rate and accumulation at which the alarms go off. Now, in this one I said to hit the button, and then I said to hold it down and hit CLR/TEST. You do not have to hit it first, just hold it down and hit CLR/TEST. I was just getting ahead of myself.

That pretty much covers the basic operation of the CDV-718 or AN/VDR-2 survey meters. I may or may not do a couple more videos demonstrating it’s use, batteries, mounting in a vehicle, etc. in the future. Leave a comment if you have any questions or ideas. Enjoy!