4 comments on “Why I Hate the Music Industry

  1. How is Kanye West an ‘industry puppet’? His two recent albums are very experimental. Yeezus contains elements of Industrial music. Saul Williams, Pop Will Eat Itself and Clipping are the only other somewhat-famous artists who mix Industrial with Hip-Hop.

    “, and if you can’t play an instrument or don’t use real instruments (substituting 808 drums, synth, etc),” – What’s wrong with that? There’s plenty of effort and great ideas in electronica. I attempted making electronic music. It’s hard. Brostep producers – which is a fairly basic genre – talk a lot about how they stay up 24 hours trying to get the right sound. Auto-Tune is also not bad at all, too. A new underground genre called Bop uses it very well.

    The problem is that these labels are ran by businessmen, not musicians. They don’t understand that quality is the key to success. For example, in the Brostep scene, the top labels (Rottun, Never Say Die, Firepower, OWSLA) are ran by the musicians. They understand how this music works, so the labels keep putting out great music. OWSLA is a great example, too. Skrillex is now independent, and he just signs whatever the fuck he wants. There’s some really weird stuff there. The label is a success because Skrillex knows what works. He doesn’t try to conform, but to make great music.

    • There will always be exceptions. Until underground scenes and genres explode, they’re usually better overall due to the fact that they tend to be artist driven. Trap seemed good until it became popular. Independent labels also are usually a haven for artists who aren’t bullied into “selling out”; sacrificing their own creativity for the sake of doing something that sells. As for Kanye West… I haven’t heard his new stuff. I do give him credit for some of the stuff he ghost writes, but I’ve never heard a single thing of his own that I thought was any good. And he’s under UMG. Chances are, if you look up your favorite Kanye West songs, there will be multiple writers and producers credited. It’s very rare that a band or artist is allowed to do their own stuff. Not to mention he’s a clown with the behavioral maturity of a 6-year-old.

      • Trap is still great. Antiserum & Mayhem, Flosstradamus, Brillz, etc.

        Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has a lot of writes – so what? Maybe Kanye just wants to collaborate? It’s one of the more experimental Rap albums out there. “Runaway”, “All of the Lights” and “Lost in the World” are great examples. Yes, they’re poppy, but there’s nothing wrong with catchy hooks.

        Don’t bother yourself too much with where music comes from. Just listen to it. Don’t commit the genetic fallacy.

  2. I can’t help it. To me music is supposed to be an expression of art, not some mass produced “made in China” product for consumption. And in my opinion, contemporary rap (actually all rap since The Chronic, with MAYBE one or two exceptions) is the epitome of low quality garbage made only because the “artist” or “rapper” thought music would be a shortcut to wealth. And unfortunately, for many of them it has been.

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